RUBEN XYZ. Director and photographer.

Ruben grew up in Stockholm, where he dabbled in acting, film production, and music. After working on film crews in various capacities, he started directing short films and music videos. Following a year of travel throughout Asia and South America, Ruben moved to New York in 2010. As a way to familiarize with the new milieu, he began making video portraits of the people around him. A few nights hanging around street kids from the Bronx yielded the documentary “Lite Feet”, about the life of a young man who danced on the subway for pocket change. The film was picked up by several film festivals around the world, and was featured on CNN International. Collaborations with New York artists have since produced a wide range of documentaries, shorts, music videos and fashion films. 

Ruben’s work has been featured in V Magazine, Diane Pernet, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Vogue Italia, Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, Fact Magazine and Mad Decent.


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